NT Lakis attorneys are pleased to present the latest edition of our periodic State and Local Employment Law Round-Up highlighting significant workplace law developments we are aware of that have occurred since our last update in February.

We launched our state and local round-up series in 2017 in an effort to help employers stay on top of the constantly evolving patchwork of state and local laws, especially in light of the continuing partisan divisions in the U.S. Congress that have stalled the enactment of significant federal legislation.

Our round-up is formatted into five broad categories, and we report specific developments within each of these categories as applicable:

  • Fair Employment Practices;
  • Wage and Hour;
  • Labor Relations;
  • Contract Compliance; and
  • Immigration.

For additional information on state employment laws, please visit the Center for Workplace Compliance’s (CWC) state standards tool found here.

Members of CWC can read more here.