Center for Workplace Compliance

In addition to counseling our clients on their workplace compliance risks, our lawyers and non-attorney professionals also staff the Center for Workplace Compliance (CWC™) – the nation’s largest non-profit association focused on helping its member employers understand and comply with their workplace compliance requirements. We monitor, analyze, and report on significant developments affecting workplace compliance and risk, and we maintain strong working relationships with key government officials responsible for the development, interpretation, and enforcement of federal labor and employment law policy. Our work supporting CWC (formerly the Equal Employment Advisory Council) and its members for more than 40 years gives us broad insight into nearly all of the real-world workplace challenges that employers face today.



Employment Advisory Services, Inc.

Many of our attorneys and non-attorney professionals also serve as consultants and analysts for Employment Advisory Services, Inc. (EASI) – a consulting firm that specializes in helping employers design, develop, and implement workplace compliance programs and risk management solutions. We utilize EASI’s proprietary technologies and methods to help federal contractors develop thousands of affirmative action programs (AAP) each year, and to help employers analyze their data to identify, assess, and mitigate their systemic workplace discrimination risks. When a particular workplace compliance challenge doesn’t require the advice and counsel of outside lawyers, our experienced professionals serve and advise employers as trusted business and compliance advisers through EASI.