NT Lakis attorneys are pleased to present the second in a new series of guides intended to provide an in-depth review of state affirmative action compliance obligations.  This guide looks at Minnesota’s contract compliance program for goods and services and should serve as a reference for employers that either are currently, or interested in, conducting business with the state.

The specific obligations imposed by Minnesota on state contractors outlined in this guide include:

  • Obtaining a workforce certificate of compliance and an equal pay certificate prior to entering into a contract with the state;
  • Constructing a Minnesota affirmative action plan (AAP) based on state regulatory requirements;
  • Assessing good faith efforts; and
  • What to expect during a state compliance review.

We also attempt to identify the extent to which compliance with federal affirmative action reports and analyses mirrors the Minnesota requirements.

Please note that Minnesota may impose additional/different requirements with respect to construction contracts, transportation contracts, or under disadvantaged small business requirements.

Members of the Equal Employment Advisory Council (EEAC) can read more here.