Each year many employers participate in college career fairs, most often with the goal of interviewing potential candidates for the company’s summer internship programs, or identifying the best students for post-graduate job offers. Indeed, for many employers, campus recruiting is an integral part of the organization’s overall staffing plan, helping to ensure a strong pipeline of talent for years to come.

Despite the incredible opportunities that campus recruiting can offer, it also can present some unique compliance challenges. These can include affirmative action compliance requirements, the risk of perpetuating existing race- or sex-based workforce disparities, and potential age discrimination issues.

We frequently field questions on the topic of campus recruiting compliance. Thus, as employers begin to plan their campus activities for 2018, we thought it might be helpful to prepare this guide, presented in a user-friendly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) format, to address issues relating to the compliance implications of campus recruiting.

Please note that the following FAQs are by no means exhaustive, nor are they intended to provide legal advice.

Members of the Center for Workplace Compliance (CWC) can read more here.