Senior officials at the Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) have reconfirmed with us that the agency is sticking by its clarification of the definition of the “active duty wartime or campaign badge” (ADWCB) veteran category as reflected in a recently posted infographic on OFCCP’s website. ( For background, see the NT Lakis Insight from October 15, 2015.)

We contacted agency officials in light of confusion created by a widely circulated web blog reporting that OFCCP had taken down the infographic and did not have the legal authority to define the ADWCB category as it had.

OFCCP has not withdrawn the “Am I a Protected Veteran” infographic (available on OFCCP’s website), nor does it have any plans to do so. In fact, the agency has subsequently released the infographic in Spanish. Moreover, agency officials have indicated to us that they believe OFCCP has the legal authority to interpret the ADWCB category as shown on the infographic.