Periodically, NT Lakis attorneys have issued updates summarizing financial settlements made public by the Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) through its “FOIA Library,” a portal the agency uses to post copies of Conciliation Agreements (CAs). Since launching the FOIA Library, OFCCP has continued to add to it, including both recent settlements and those dating back several years.

Since our most recent update in November of last year, OFCCP has published a dozen new financial settlement agreements in the FOIA Library, including for the first time several financial settlements stemming from discrimination complaint investigations. In fact, eight of the twelve recently posted financial settlements involve complaint investigations, including allegations of disability discrimination, alleged harassment based on sex and race, and veteran status discrimination. 

Unlike settlement agreements resulting from an OFCCP audit, which typically include detailed information regarding the violations OFCCP found, the complaint investigation settlement documents tend to be much less detailed, likely to protect the privacy of the individual(s) involved in the complaint.

We have prepared a memorandum briefly summarizing each of the recently posted settlements. As always, please keep in mind that just because a federal contractor decides to settle a dispute with OFCCP does not necessarily mean the agency’s allegations would hold up in court. In fact, none of the settlements at issue here contains any admission of guilt.

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