OFCCP’s current policy is to routinely provide federal contractors with a 30-day extension for submitting the supporting data and information requested by the desk audit scheduling letter and its accompanying itemized listing if the contractor submits an extension request and its “basic” AAPs within the initial 30-day response period after receiving the letter. Over the last several months, we have heard from employers that some OFCCP compliance officers have put different interpretations on what information needs to be included in the “basic” AAPs in order to get the extension.

Consistent with the FAQ on this topic posted on OFCCP’s website, Deputy Director Gaglione confirmed that “basic” AAPs compose the narrative portions of the required AAPs, and if submitted in a timely manner along with an extension request will result in an automatic onetime 30-day extension from the original due date to submit the supporting data requested in the Itemized Listing.

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