NT Lakis has created an updated series of “benchmarking” tables that now incorporate data from the 2014 EEO-1 filing cycle, the most recent EEO-1 data available.

The benchmarking tables are designed to assist companies in performing national-level, sector-specific compliance and diversity benchmark analyses. The updated tables contain national-level headcount and participation rate figures for all industries combined, and also for each of the 20 sectors within the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) hierarchy.

We prepared the updated tables using the data contained in an advance file released recently by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that contains the first available tabulations of 2014 EEO-1 benchmark data by race/ethnicity and gender. To repeat, these are the most current private-sector workforce diversity benchmark statistics broken down by industry, by geography, and by industry and geography.

For subscribers to EEACs web-based Data Services offerings, the 2014 EEO-1 data have been loaded into the EEO-1 Matrix Generator and EEO-1 Snapshot Analyzer online tools. These tools allow subscribers to generate complete EEO-1 data tables, but at the more granular national, state, and metropolitan statistical area (MSA) levels and for hundreds of more specific industries.