Last November’s election gave Democrats majority control of the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in eight years. As we predicted at the time, one of the major priorities of the new majority once the new Congress convened in January 2019 would be approving changes to federal labor and employment laws that would make them more employee-friendly.


When looking at their track record to date, the new Democratic House majority has more than met that expectation. And while many of these actions have been downplayed in the media because they are essentially considered dead on arrival in the still Republican-controlled U.S. Senate, the number of measures passed or awaiting action by the House is impressive.

As importantly, House-passage of these bills is setting the stage for a potential shift in the national political dynamics that will make enactment of major reform of employment law a real possibility.

NT Lakis attorneys have prepared a brief recap of all the major employment-related legislation that the House has passed so far this year, as well as several more measures that are teed-up for consideration by the full House in the near future.

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