The U.S. Senate recently confirmed John Ring to serve on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB or Board), giving the Board a 3 – 2 Republican majority for the first time since last December when former Board Chairman Phillip Miscimarra stepped down. The appointment of Mr. Ring, who has been designated as the new NLRB Chairman, is likely to result in major changes in the expansionist labor law policies put in place by the Democratic-controlled Board during the Obama Administration.

In the four-month period following Mr. Miscimarra’s departure, during which the NLRB operated with two Republicans and two Democrats, however, the agency continued to decide cases. We have summarized three rulings that occurred during this period that we believe might be of interest to employers. In addition, we have included a brief discussion on the status of the Board’s “joint employer test,” which has been in legal limbo over the last several months.

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