Appellate Advocacy

Each year, United States federal courts hand down dozens of decisions that have a major and direct impact on the workplace. Some of these decisions, especially those of the U.S. Supreme Court, have immediate and significant implications to employer policies and practices.

Focus Areas

For more than 40 years, the attorneys in our Appellate Advocacy group have been researching, writing, and filing amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) briefs on behalf of the Center for Workplace Compliance (CWC) – the nation’s largest non-profit association focused on workplace compliance. We have been involved in more than 600 employment discrimination and affirmative action cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, federal courts of appeals, federal district courts, and federal administrative agencies.

Our appellate practice continues to have a significant influence on the development of federal employment law. Over the years, nearly two-thirds of the court decisions reaching the merits have adopted, in part or in whole, the position advocated in our briefs.

Some of the prominent cases in which we’ve been involved include:

  • Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes
  • Young v. United Parcel Service
  • Burlington Industries v. Ellerth
  • Faragher v. City of Boca Raton
  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe v. White
  • Hoffman Plastic Compounds, Inc. v. NLRB
  • Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

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