Employment Background and Credit Checks

Employers increasingly utilize background checks to mitigate the safety and security risks inherent in selecting, hiring, promoting, and investigating the conduct of their employees. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) strictly regulates many types of employment background checks and, as many organizations have discovered the hard way, technical and seemingly minor FCRA violations can expose employers to expensive class action litigation and the potential for significant monetary penalties.

Focus Areas

The experienced subject matter experts in our Employment Background and Credit Check Compliance practice group offer an array of services designed to provide our clients with clear and practical guidance on conducting effective background checks, credit checks, and employment investigations in ways that minimize FCRA-related and other legal compliance risks.

We provide advice and counsel to our clients across the entire spectrum of employment selection and testing requirements, including:

  • Auditing Background Check, Credit Check, and Drug Testing
  • Auditing Workplace Screening Policies and Procedures
  • Developing FCRA-Compliant Notice and Consent Procedures
  • Advising and Counseling Employers on Third-Party Vendor Engagements
  • Training on FCRA Compliance

We also closely monitor state law developments in the employment screening sphere. We offer expert guidance to help our clients navigate the matrix of federal and state statutory and regulatory requirements to ensure that their background check policies and practices meet the particular requirements in all of the states in which they operate.

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