Employment Selection and Testing

Employers are increasingly turning to standardized selection procedures that are designed to help them make more informed and fact-based employment selection decisions. If properly designed and validated, the use of tests, assessments and performance evaluations to determine who will benefit from – or be adversely affected by – an employer’s selection decisions can help serve as a strong defense to claims challenging the fairness of those decisions.

Focus Areas

The attorneys and non-attorney professionals in our Employment Selection and Testing practice group help our clients identify, assess, and mitigate their systemic discrimination risks in the context of standardized selection procedures. We help employers analyze the impact of their selection procedures at all stages of the employment process – from hiring and promotion to retention and separation – to help them minimize their employment discrimination risks.

We provide advice and counsel to our clients across the entire spectrum of employment selection and testing requirements, including:

  • Validating Tests and Assessments
  • Analyzing Tests and Assessments for Adverse Impact
  • Analyzing Performance Evaluation Data for Statistical Disparities
  • Analyzing Reduction-in-Force and Restructuring Data

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